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Here's what people are saying about WRG...

"...Your ability to take a small handful of ideas and photographs and mold them into such a dynamic brochure and site was far beyond our ideas and expectations. These additions to our business have had such a powerful positive impact on our image, that still, we stand in disbelief wondering why we did not attempt this before now. You should be as proud as we are to have these representing the quality we try to achieve in every aspect of our daily business."

Kurt Dorman - VP
Dorman & Associates, Inc.

"...You always makes time to get my work done. Your responsiveness and creative ideas have helped my advertising stay fresh and current. I get comments from my customers who always mention seeing the ads you created for us. They have a wide appeal and have generated a tremendous amount of leads for us."

Reenie Bontrager - Owner
Bontrager Homes



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